I have been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years and have been pretty honest when it comes to how harmful some of the production can be on the earth, human rights, and animals. And I love to advocate for, and support brands that are doing it right! I was recently looking for a leather alternative for a project I am working on; and was thrilled to find some really exciting options. Long gone are the days when design and style need to be sacrificed for doing the right thing. We can be stylish and conscious!

This edition of The Goods. is dedicated to sustainable fashion choices, in regards to leather. And brands that continue to show up and care as much about animals, and mother nature as they do about the profits.

Leather Alternative made from Pineapple leaf fiber. Not only is this company, Rais Case so awesome for using a leather alternative derived from pineapple leaf fiber called Pinatex, but they make some of the cutest bags I have seen in awhile. Hello, belt bag of my dreams. Also hop onto the site and check out their recycled plastic waterproof bags perfect for all your beach trips.

Raise Case 3 in 1 Bag

Leather alternative made from Mushrooms. This is the year of mushrooms! Sun Potion and high vibes brands like Four Sigmatic have been touting the health benefits and value of mushrooms for a few years now. Denver has just decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms… And now mushrooms are being grown as a beautiful leather alternative! Fabric made out of mushrooms?! Yes! Yay for mushrooms.

Vegan Shoes. They really can be stylish! Check out Malibu Sandals, a great company full of great looking options, that I personally can’t wait to order. Love the Mens line too! And with Fathers Day right around the corner, this could be a great gift.

Malibu Sandals

Womens Strappy Vegan Leather Sandals. Look no further than Free People for your perfect strappy vegan sandals. They have so many different styles, I am sure you can find a pair that suits your style, and you can feel good about wearing them.

Vegan Sandals

And for the Kiddos. Have you heard of STATEBags, I will admit, I havent but they rock! I am so impressed by the mission of this brand, the way they are giving back and am beyond excited to support it.

“In 2009, they founded Camp Power – a one-week fully-funded non-profit summer camp that has supported thousands of children from the country’s most underfunded neighborhoods. After watching kids carrying their possessions in ripped trash bags, Scot and Jacq formed STATEBags – a for-profit brand with a non-profit pedigree that promises to not only deliver much needed supplies, but to also use STATE’s platform to level the playing field for kids and families in need across the US. And to always have their backs.” ( Bio pulled directly from website– I hope you check it out ).

STATEBags kids Lunchbox

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