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As a clothing designer, I am all too aware that the fashion industry is one of the worlds worst polluters. Toxic dyes, air pollution, waste… I mean just google the environmental impact of fashion and its pretty scary.

Thankfully, there are tons of brands popping up right now that are encouraging people to stop buying fast fashion.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite brands that are pushing for clean fashion. Reusing fabrics that would otherwise be trashed, creating fabric from recycled plastic, and choosing ethical factories. Most importantly encouraging consumers to take an interest in how their purchases can impact the Earth.

Christy Dawn

Sustainable, ethical, and beautiful dresses. Using deadstock fabric, sewn in LA. I’m so in love with this company.


Sustainable, slow fashion. Ethics and bohemian dresses, I just can’t get enough. Check out the Room to Read program, when supporting a brand like this, you are supporting their mission.

Girlfriend Collective

Leggings made out of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets! And campaigns that are so body positive. Need I say more,


Awesome brand from Gap, outfitting for the active women who like to hike, bike and hit a yoga class after work. 60% of the materials are from sustainable fibers. Goals for further diverting waste out of landfills, saving water and empowering women. Certified B company!


This brand has a mission to have everyone is a hemp tee by 2020. This fabric is incredibly sustainable and farming it is good for the environment.


Modern basics. Ethical Factories. Radical transparency.

H&M Conscious Collection

The beautiful capsule of dresses and tees. The company committed to using mostly recycled and sustainable fabrics. Lots of info on the website on how they are making strides in the right direction.

Mate the Label

Sustainable. Ethical. Small Batch. Very cool tees, and fleece. Aka what I’ll be wearing all weekend.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is another pioneer of ethical- sustainable fashion. Queen of minimal, capsule-based clothing. Buy well-made clothes that will stand the test of trends. Innovator of new organic, recycled fabrics. And currently taking back old clothes, and overdyeing in Indigo. Too cool!


No list would be complete without Patagonia. They are leading the way. The brand IS sustainability and innovation. They encourage you to repair your clothing before buying new #patagoniawornwear They recycle 16 tees, to make one new tee. Certified B company!

Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans is collaborating with big brands to make a big difference. Parley x Adidas shoes are literally made from thread spun from ocean plastic. Parley is making a big difference- a very inspiring company. It’s so much more than products- its a call to action.

Lastly, there is thrift shopping, consignment shops, and eBay. If you need a new raincoat, before heading out to get a new one- you find a perfect one on eBay for a fraction of the price and less of a footprint. Or perhaps a Wellworn Patagonia would do the trick.

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