I recently posted a picture of my daughter and I on Facebook in yellow bikinis on the beach. I confidently changed that photo to be my profile picture.. belly out, arms up, hair wild with #lovetheskinyouarein.

This is new behavior for me; a 40 year old mother of two, who has spent most of my life covering the areas of my body I did not deem perfect. Having a daughter has changed me in the most positive way.

I saw an interview with Ashley Gram talking about her mom; and how she never talked about being fat in front of her while growing up. It really struck a cord with me; that it’s unusual growing up without having the women in your life question “if she’s fat” in front of you.

Could it be that simple to teach my little girl to have a good body image by simply not putting myself down in her presence?? My daughter entered the world unapologetically herself… would my negativity about my own body become her inner dialogue?!

I told my husband about my fears to which he replied “Babe, you really do say you look fat too much”.

That was where I drew the line in the sand. 

So fast forward a few and I have learned to be a little kinder to myself. I still question, I can still be critical of myself, but it’s less often. Simply changing the questions I ask out loud for my daughter’s benefit has made me check myself!! Do I really think I’m fat or is it simply that I don’t look like J. Lo that’s bugging me (which is fine because no one looks like her but her).

It’s made looking in the mirror more fun and made bathing suit shopping great! By trying to be a better role model for my daughter I have become more of my best self.

So ladies.. on that next family vacation go buy a bathing suit you love with your daughter. Stand in front of the mirror and talk about how great you both look. And kids know if you are faking so you’ll have to mean it!

Take a picture, post it, frame it, make it a moment she will remember. And teach eachother how to love the skin you are in. 

1 thought on “Learn to Love Your Body- So Your Daughter Will Love Hers Too

  1. Beautifully said, Adrienne! Thank you for writing this post! So many moms need to hear this message and realize they are perfect just the way they are! And sending this message to our daughters is such a gift!

    The joy that both of you have in this photo is the purest form of beauty there is! I love it!!!!

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