As we begin Earth Month at Mother in the Middle, we are sharing tips on ways to reduce our waste and show Mother Earth some love and appreciation. 

I’m so excited to share our first tip from my Mom! My Mom is the OG bulk food shopper. She has always bought her flours, grains, rice, dried beans, etc at the bulk food store. I’m grateful that she was always so conscious of how she shopped and cooked, as I learned at a young age it’s really simple and its how I strive to raise my family now.

Tip No. 1 Buy In Bulk

Food packaging makes up most of the waste in the average household, so this simple tip can make a big impact on reducing your waste.

Just use a jar, cloth or mesh bag at the bulk section of your grocery store, get your food package free, and you have eliminated plastic from your weekly shopping haul. 

I’ll admit, I have not been bulk shopping as of late since I’m usually shopping in a hurry, exhausted with a young child who has no patience. But not anymore! I’m equipping myself with the bags I need and will either shop alone or find ways to make it fun. It’s that easy to reduce the amount of plastic I’m throwing out, which is totally worth the effort it may take in the beginning.

I love this video in support of Zero Waste Food Shopping! Her entire YouTube channel is great and is full of tips for how to go #packagefree. You can check out her website to get everything you need to get started like mesh produce bags, cloth bags for bulk and market bags. Check it out here

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