In a recent conversation with friends we were all comparing our latest wellness hacks, and the newest supplements we were trying. Taking notes of what we had to try next, and it became clear we were all “buying” into the next best wellness trend.

I have spent more money than I would like to admit in search of the next cure-all health supplement. Adaptogens, tinctures, and supplements promising relaxation and cure-all relief from stress. Some work, some don’t- and sometimes it’s not always really clear.

But if you can’t afford some of these awesome supplements or wellness accessories (like the Biomat), you may worry that your wellness goals will sadly fall flat.

We are living in a time full of information on wellness, and as great as that is, its easy to forget all the simple wellness hacks that wont break the bank. But I’m here to remind you that some of the best things in life are FREE!

We do need to supplement sometimes, due to vitamin deficiencies, and that is totally ok. But we also can overdo it, and spend more time pursuing wellness pills than on choosing the simple lifestyle choices that can make a huge difference, like drinking enough water during the day, or holding on the caffeine if you have anxiety.

Here I will share my favorite free wellness trends that are proven to be effective ALWAYS and really will not break the bank.


15 minutes of meditation in the morning and night, can help to relieve stress and the harmful effects stress has on your health. Meditation can boost joy and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which will set your body into the state of healing ( rest and digest ). My favorites types of meditation are Kundalini, and using a Mantra, like transcendental meditation.


Using the breath is probably my favorite completely free way to improve my wellness. And you will notice effects almost immediately! The possibilities are endless of how to use this, there are breathing exercises that are good for increasing energy, improving mental focus, helping with depression, and increasing relaxation. Some breathing exercises even promote skin clearing benefits, check out Breath of Fire.


You don’t need to buy a special journal here, any piece of paper will do. Journaling at the beginning of the day or evening can help you feel relaxed, and get connected to your goals. Helping you feel more grounded and focused; as well as, helping you process emotions or events in your life that you need to work through. Gratitude journaling is especially proven to be very healthy for your mental wellness.

Drinking enough water

We need water, to stay hydrated and function physically. Try to drink 8 glasses a day, and more if you drink coffee or alcohol.


Also known as Heliotherapy, sunshine is a very effective mood booster and its totally free. And, the only natural way for our body to produce vitamin D, which plays a huge role in our happiness. If we aim to spend at least 15 minutes in the sun every day, we really could notice a dramatic improvement in our moods. Don’t forget to use SPF.

Forest bathing

Spending time in nature. Hiking or walking through the forest is an incredible healing experience, and I can safely say is as calming and grounding as ashwagandha. Not to mention its a huge boost of fresh air for your lungs!

Move your body

Movement creates circulation in your body, which increases blood flow, helps your lymphatic system move out toxins, and just feels good! If walking isn’t your thing then pick 20 minutes of movement that you do like. Even checking out power poses, and how our posture effects the physiology of our bodies which directly correlates to our moods. Amy Cuddy has a really good Ted talk on this. Really worth checking out!

Wellness and being healthy does not have to break the bank. I’m all for supplements when needed, and exploring the options out there and what works for you. CBD oil is a huge addition to my routine, as well as ashwagandha, but I could also go on and on… with wanting to try the next thing. So if you are like me, the next time you are considering buying into the next trendy supplement, consider trying some breathwork or going on a walk; exhausting the other things you can do for free first.

The free wellness hacks only require placing your trust in the internal magic of our bodies and nature. You are only buying into your bodies ability to heal itself.

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